You will find here a treat for your tired tastebuds and stomach from all the hamburgers, fries and cokes! This cuisine is a spicy and surprising combination of Creole, Cajun, African and Indian cuisine which makes up Acadian cuisine. Shrimp, crawfish, crab and oysters are generally fried or in étouffée.

"We don't eat to live, we live to eat" is a Cajun proverb. Like all good cooks "one has to make use of everything". In order to survive on the bayous, the Cajuns had to become accustomed to eat what was available: turtle, alligator, shell fish, fish and the food is hot and spicy (Tabasco sauce is produced in Louisiana and is known world wide).

Rice is the foundation of creole cooking, and its preparation depends on what you plan to add it to. Rice must be white as snow, absolutely dry with all the grains detached. For that it must be cooked in salty boiling water for twenty minutes.

Here are a few recommended dishes:
- Gumbo: A southern Louisiana dish. A soup marinated in a roux with rice, onions, chicken, sausage, shrimp, cooked oysters, and even alligator.
- Dirty rice: rice sautéed and mixed with green peppers, onion and celery.
- Couche-couche: a delicious cake of corn semolina, eggs, salt, yeast, all mixed in hot milk and cooked in a frying pan.
- Alligator boudin: sausage stuffed with pork and alligator with other local ingredients and spices.


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